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Tafil Alprazolam 1 mg 90 Tabs (Xanax )

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Tafil Alprazolam

Tafil, with the active ingredient Alprazolam, is used to treat anxiety disorders. It can be used as an independent remedy or as part of complex therapy. It is an effective tranquilizer that is prescribed to adult patients. The drug suppresses panic attacks, relieves anxiety, and normalizes sleep. Tafil is dispensed under a doctor's prescription. 

What is Tafil

The drug Tafil (Mexico) is a psychotropic drug that comes in the form of tablets. Each package contains 90 tablets for internal administration. One tablet contains 1.0 mg of the active ingredient - Alprazolam.

Alprazolam is a benzodiazepine derivative. In its pure form, the substance is a powder of white, cream or light yellow color. The chemical structure of alprazolam is maximally close to triazolam. The essential difference is the absence of a chlorine atom in the phenyl radical. This feature provides a weaker sleeping effect. Tafil pills relieve anxiety but have almost no sedative effect.

Tafil pill belongs to the group of anxiolytics or tranquilizers. This group of pharmacological drugs has been actively used since the 50's of the 20th century to relieve emotional stress and anxiety. Modern benzodiazepine tranquilizers came to replace outdated drugs based on opium and barbiturates.

Alprazolam-based medications were first marketed in the United States in 1981. Tafil belongs to the second generation of anxiolytics. It is an effective and safe psychotropic medication when complying with medical recommendations. 

Bioavailability and metabolism of alprazolam

Tafil Alprazolam tablets are valued by experts for the high bioavailability of the active component. This figure reaches 80-90% when taken orally. In comparison, the bioavailability of other benzodiazepines does not exceed 60%. 

The maximum concentration of the active component is observed 1-2 hours after intake. Alprazolam binds to plasma proteins by 80%. The substance is excreted as inactive metabolites formed in the liver tissues. The spent drug is filtered in the kidneys and leaves the body mainly with the urine. When tranquilizer treatment is discontinued, the active ingredient is rapidly eliminated from the tissues. 

What Tafil is for: pharmacological action

The drug has a complex effect on the body even with a single administration. It is a tranquilizer with a moderate anticonvulsant, muscle relaxant and mild sedative effect. The active substance is absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract into the bloodstream and freely crosses the blood-brain barrier. It directly affects the nervous system - central and partially peripheral. 

Alprazolam enhances the inhibitory effect of endogenous GABA. This is done by increasing the sensitivity of receptors to mediators, as well as stimulation of benzodiazepine receptors in the brainstem and spinal cord neurons. As a result, from just one pill, the excitability of subcortical structures - hypothalamus, thalamus, limbic system - is significantly reduced. Spinal reflexes are partially inhibited and reticular formation cells are inhibited. 

Against the background of Tafil medication application there is observed:

  • reduction of anxiety, fear;

  • relief of emotional overstrain;

  • reduction of the period of falling asleep;

  • increase in the duration of night sleep;

  • reduction of episodes of sudden awakening during the night.

The patient taking pills with alprazolam in the composition becomes calm, collected. He does not burst into tears without reason and reacts adequately to everything going on around him. His sleep normalizes and his mood improves. 

What is Tafil used for

Tafil (Mexico) is used strictly on medical grounds. The reason for prescribing it can be psychopathic disorders and neuroses, against which anxiety, fears, and increased anxiety develop. 

In addition, Tafil medication by agreement with the doctor can be used for the following conditions:

  • depression on the background of somatic diseases or psychological disorders;

  • panic disorders;

  • severe withdrawal syndrome with alcohol or drug dependence;

  • tremors, including age-related;

  • insomnia, which cannot be treated with mild sedatives;

  • various phobias.

The drug helps with neurotic disorders accompanied by mood swings. It is prescribed to patients who have lost interest in life and lost appetite. The pills may be taken for a short course to suppress irritability, including severe premenstrual syndrome in women. 

How to take Tafil pill

The dose is chosen individually for each patient. The tranquilizer is taken orally, regardless of the meal. Tafil pill is swallowed whole with plenty of water. The dose starts with the minimum dose, gradually increasing if it is well tolerated.

When the drug is not prescribed

Tranquilizer has a number of contraindications. The drug should not be used in such conditions as acute attacks of glaucoma; acute respiratory failure; intolerance to the components of the composition; severe kidney and liver diseases; myasthenia; age less than 18 years; pregnancy (first trimester); lactation.

There are a number of relative contraindications. Under these conditions, the drug may be administered under close medical supervision. It is possible to reduce the therapeutic dose or shorten the duration of treatment.

With caution, the tranquilizer Tafil is prescribed in: chronic renal insufficiency; open-angle glaucoma; alcoholism or drug addiction; sleep apnea; ataxia; hyperkinesias; psychosis; old age; hypersensitivity to other benzodiazepines.

Possibility of using Tafil medication in pregnancy

The first trimester is on the list of absolute contraindications. The active substance penetrates the fetus and may cause congenital developmental abnormalities. In the second and third trimesters, a single administration for stabilization of the future mother is possible. 

The drug is prescribed if the benefits to the pregnant woman outweigh the probable harm to the fetus. Regular use of a tranquilizer during pregnancy and use of the drug just before delivery is fraught with withdrawal syndrome, as well as muscle weakness, CNS depression and respiratory disorders in the newborn. 

What side effects Tafil may cause

Prolonged treatment with a tranquilizer can provoke side effects. Their risk is higher in elderly patients, people with relative contraindications, and a history of allergic reactions to other psychotropic drugs.

List of commonly diagnosed side effects: dizziness; somnolence; loss of performance; decreased concentration; loss of spatial orientation; impaired coordination of movements; slower reactions; headache; feeling of euphoria; memory impairment; tremor of extremities; confusion; depression; speech disorders; chills; general weakness; pale skin; heartburn;

vomiting; loss of appetite; intestinal distress; abdominal heaviness; urinary incontinence or retention; menstrual disorders in women; skin rashes. 

Does Tafil cause addictive behavior?

The drug can provoke dependence and withdrawal syndrome. For this reason, it is taken strictly as prescribed by your doctor. The course of treatment is usually short. The tranquilizer is discontinued gradually, reducing the therapeutic dose to a minimum. 

Alprazolam overdose

Sleepiness is observed if the therapeutic dose is insignificantly exceeded. CNS is depressed, blood pressure decreases. In severe poisoning with the active component, all side effects are intensified. Blockage of the respiratory center with subsequent coma and death is not excluded. 

Measures of assistance in case of overdose with alprazolam:

  • Induction of vomiting to clear the stomach;

  • administration of sorbents;

  • monitoring of blood pressure;

  • taking an electrocardiogram to evaluate heart function;

  • symptomatic therapy;

  • connection to a ventilator, if necessary.

Patients intoxicated with Tafil should be treated as inpatients. A specific antidote, flumazenil, is used to neutralize benzodiazepine. The drug is administered intravenously. 

Combination of Tafil and other drugs

The following reactions are possible when taking Tafil tablets and other medications at the same time:

  • when combined with anticonvulsants, the CNS is excessively depressed;

  • when combined with histamine receptor blockers, reflexes are suppressed;

  • in combination with macrolide antibiotics the excretion rate of spent alprazolam from tissues is reduced;

  • when combined with hormonal oral contraceptives, the elimination period of the active component increases;

  • in combination with erythromycin-based antibiotics, the psychotropic effect of alprazolam increases;

  • in combination with fluoxetine-based antidepressants, the risk of psychomotor disorders increases;

  • when combined with fluvoxamine-based antidepressants, the risk of CNS side effects increases;

  • when combined with paroxetine-based antidepressants, metabolism of the active substance is inhibited;

  • when combined with ketoconazole-based antifungal drugs, the efficacy of alprazolam increases.

It is mandatory to inform the physician who prescribes Tafil Alprazolam about all the drugs taken. This will allow for timely adjustment of the therapy regimen and avoid undesirable effects of the drugs. 

Additional Precautions

Tafil pills are not recommended to be combined with other tranquilizers. This will not increase the effectiveness of psychotropic drugs, but only provoke serious adverse reactions from the respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular systems.

It is strictly forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages during treatment with the drug. The combination of alprazolam and ethyl alcohol increases the load on the liver and kidneys many times. This can lead to liver and kidney failure and death.

Taking Tafil causes drowsiness, decreases reaction time, and impairs concentration. It is life-threatening to drive a car in this condition.

Alprazolam is a strong psychotropic drug that should only be used if indicated. For elimination of mild anxiety, single episodes of insomnia, moderate anxiety, it is better to choose a mild sedative that does not cause addictive and side effects together with the doctor.

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