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Tafil Alprazolam 1 mg 30 Tabs (Xanax )

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CC ALPRAZOLAM is an anxiolytic drug and belongs to the group of tranquilizers.

How does the drug work

KS tafil has central myorelaxant, anticonvulsant, hypnotic, sedative, anxiolytic effects. 
The use of the drug helps to reduce:

  • anxiety;
  • fear;
  • anxiety;
  • emotional tension.

The sleeping effect is expressed moderately. The period of falling asleep is shorter, the duration of sleep increases. The number of night awakenings is reduced to a minimum. 
The impact of stimuli (motor, vegetative, emotional), which disrupt the mechanism of falling asleep, is also reduced.

In which cases the KC Tafil 1mg is prescribed

KC Tafil is recommended for:

  • Panic disorder (without phobic signs);
  • Depression accompanied by neurosis;
  • Severe anxiety;
  • Neurotic reactive-depressive states (accompanied by eating disorders, severe anxiety, apathy)
  • Mixed depression;
  • Neuroses (accompanying symptomatology: irritability, sleep disturbance, nervous tension, anxiety, fears)
  • All kinds of anxiety.

How to take

The initial dosage varies from 250 to 300 mcg, 2 times/24 hours. Gradually (if necessary) it is increased to 4.5 mg/24 h. 
Immunocompromised patients and the elderly are recommended a dosage of 250 mcg, 2-3 times/24 hours. The dosage is increased as needed. 
The drug is withdrawn gradually. Every 72 hours, the dosage should be reduced by 500 mcg. In some cases, withdrawal may be even slower.

Adverse reactions

Tachycardia and decreased blood pressure occur in some patients during ALPRAZOLAM administration. Body weight may change upward or downward. Sometimes the menstrual cycle is disrupted, and libido decreases.
Some patients complain of weakness, and reduced ability to work. Against this background, the person may get chills or complain of a slight sore throat.
Some patients have trouble with their stools. The person may vomit and throw up. Some patients complain of heartburn, profuse salivation, or dry mouth.


The use of KC Tafil is not recommended in:

  • a severe form of depression (with the appearance of suicidal thoughts, apathy);
  • acute respiratory failure;
  • chronic colds;
  • acute drug poisoning;
  • acute intoxication with alcohol-containing products;
  • closed glaucoma;
  • myasthenia gravis.

The drug is not prescribed to persons under 18 years of age. The drug is used with caution in the elderly, during pregnancy, and during breastfeeding.

Additional Information

During the period of taking the drug, don’t drink alcoholic beverages. It is also advisable to refrain from driving vehicles. It is strictly forbidden to take the drug after the expiration date.

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