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What is acne, and how to treat them?

At our certified Mexican pharmacy, you'll find products to treat acne and other skin conditions. But first, let's break down a common skin condition like acne.

Acne is a chronic skin disease caused by sebaceous glands and is common mostly among teenagers and young adults.

Most often, acne appears during puberty. Increased sebaceous glands are provoked by hormonal changes, especially the increased production of male hormones (including girls).

Almost all of the sebaceous glands are associated with the hair sacs (follicles). Eels are usually affected by those follicles, which are in one unit with a relatively large sebaceous gland. When they reach the surface of the skin, the follicles are covered with a particularly thick horny layer, which makes it difficult for the unimpeded secretion of sebum. The keratinized plug is visible on the outside like an eel. Under the influence of bacteria on the skin, the hair follicles and the skin around them become inflamed.

Patient Complaints

The sebaceous glands on the face, back, in the triangular notch on the chest, and on the hands on the outside are mostly affected by acne. With pronounced acne, these parts of the body are dotted with black dots, around which red nodules form. The nodules usually fester in the center. The skin in this process is usually porous, with a greasy sheen. Such changes in the skin are characteristic of common (vulgar) acne.

The black dots, filled with fat and pus, may become confluent and form large inflammatory nodules. These severe inflammations, with fistulous tracts, are conglobate acne and may leave unsightly scars on the skin when they heal.

When should you see a doctor instead of a dermatologist?

You should see a doctor if the acne is accompanied by symptoms of an inflammatory process: severe chills and fever.

What questions may ask the attending physician

- What skin care products do you use?

- What do you eat?

- Do you suffer mentally because of your appearance?

What questions should you ask your doctor?

- Is acne a sure sign of puberty?

- Can I get rid of all or part of my acne?

- Can I wash my face with soap when I have acne? What skin care products help best?

- Can I squeeze my blackheads out?

- Does squeezing acne make more acne appear?

- How can I protect myself from pustular acne?

- Does nutrition affect the healing process?

- Does sunlight help with acne?

- How do you get rid of scarring after acne?

- How painful is skin peeling?

What can a doctor recommend?

- Recommend a cosmetologist

- Offer vitamin A, benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics for inflammation, retinoic acid, and hormones as medications.


An experienced dermatologist, after examination, will diagnose and explain the best way to cleanse your skin. All you have to do is follow his instructions carefully. Since patients with acne have oily skin, we will talk about synthetic cleansers and alcohol lotions for extra cleansing. In mild cases, the acne is simply squeezed out. This should only be done by medical personnel or a cosmetologist in sterile conditions. Never try to do it on your own. The specialist first softens the acne with a wet compress, then makes a special tool an incision on the surface of the skin, and gently presses out the contents of the hair pouch from the side. It doesn’t leave any scars on the skin.

The chemicals used to remove acne are retinol derivatives (vitamin A) and benzoyl peroxide. If your doctor or dermatologist has prescribed a vitamin E medication, you may want to check out Dermatology Medicines. Vitamin E is more effective for dry acnes, while benzoyl peroxide is more effective for pustular forms because it also kills bacteria. In the first stage of treatment with these drugs, the condition of the skin often worsens: the skin becomes red and burning, and the acne sometimes become even larger. However, after this "attack" the skin smoothes out, and the inflammation passes. In severe acne with pus-like nodules, antibiotics are using to fight the bacteria.

In a particularly severe form of acne penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin, often only helps retinoic acid, which dries the sebaceous glands. However, this remedy is not suitable for pregnant women, as it can hurt the fetus.

You may take hormonal birth control medications during treatment and at least one to two years after treatment. These drugs are another form of treatment for acne in young women. The female hormones they contain, weaken the male hormones that contribute to the formation of acne. After just a few weeks, the number of acne decreases significantly, but they reappear after discontinuing them. Let your gynecologist know if you want to use birth control pills to help you find the best medication for your problem.

Tips for acne

There is no effective prevention of acne that occurs during puberty. However, it is possible to escape a particular form of acne caused by chemicals (chlorinated hydrocarbons, dioxin), cosmetics, or intense sunlight. The right steps, which should be determined by your doctor, will prevent the condition from worsening and the formation of scars.

What your doctor might prescribe for self-treatment of acne (as a complementary treatment to basic medication)

  1. Cleanse your skin with a fat-reducing synthetic cleanser and, if necessary, combine it with an alcohol lotion. Be very moderate in your use of skin care products. Acne is treating with cosmetics that contain Centella Asiatica. It soothes inflammation and helps wounds and scars heal.
  2. Wash your hair often with a mild synthetic detergent.
  3. Allow yourself some time in the sun from time to time, as the sun's rays help heal acne.
  4. Do not torture yourself with a strict "anti-acne" diet. However, if you notice that your skin condition worsens after consuming a certain product, exclude that product from your diet.
  5. It is necessary to take multivitamins with special care, as B vitamins can aggravate acne.

Our Mexican certified pharmacy is online for you 24/7. You can always consult our experts about drug interactions, side effects. Don't lose patience, and keep treating your skin with natural and medical preparations, and you will definitely get results.