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Tradea Methylphenidate 10 mg 30 tabs

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Tradea is a non-amphetamine-type psychostimulant, a central nervous system stimulant.

Who is the drug indicated

For children and adolescents, Tradea is prescribed for hyperactivity and the development of attention deficit disorder. Indications for adults: narcolepsy and depression.


The drug shouldn’t be taken in the case of:

  • development of cardiac abnormalities;
  • the development of vascular disease;
  • hypertension;
  • the presence of Tourette's syndrome (including family history);
  • the presence of tics;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation.

The drug has a powerful stimulant effect. Therefore, it shouldn’t be taken when there is nervous agitation and mental tension. It’s strictly forbidden to use the drug in cases of severe anxiety and psychosis.

A relative contraindication is a glaucoma. The drug is not prescribed for children under six years of age and with caution prescribed for elderly people.

How to take Tradea

The initial dosage for children (from 6 years of age) is 300 mcg/1 kg of weight. The drug should be taken 2 times/24 hours, before meals. If necessary, the dosage can be increased by 100 mcg/1 kg of weight. The maintenance dosage varies from 0.5 to 1 mg/1 kg weight/24 hours. The maximum dosage is 2 mg/1 kg weight/24 hours.

In adults, the drug is prescribed for narcolepsy. Recommended dosage: 10 mg, 2-3 times/24 hours, before meals. The maximum dosage is 60 mg/24 hours. It is necessary to exceed the dosage very carefully. In order to prevent adverse reactions, you should consult a doctor beforehand.

Side effects

The main side effect is an allergic reaction (urticaria, skin itching). A person may vomit and throw up. Some people complain of headache and dizziness. The main side effect in children is abdominal pain.
When taken regularly Tradea in high dosage, it leads to sleep disorders, severe anxiety. In the worst cases, it may development of psychosis. With long-term use in a high dosage, the child's growth can be slowed down. The drug may be addictive: in this case, its effectiveness is reduced.

Drug interaction

When taking Tradea, it is recommended to reduce the dosage of tricyclic BP, anticonvulsants, and coumarin drugs, as well as anticoagulants: the drug helps to slow down their metabolism.

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