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Each person can note by experience that between mentality and a body there is a close connection. Mental disorders cause diseases of the body, and vice versa, long-term illnesses lead to a deterioration in the mental condition of a person. We will give an example. If the person lives with constant pain, then his personality and behavior considerably change. To neurosis, panic or depression often appear in cancer patients or AIDS. It is impossible to deny the fact that mental health is inseparably linked with physical health.

One more good example of interdependence is stomach ulcer. It is known that the bacterium which causes an ulcer (Helicobacter Pylori) lives with each person in an organism. The interesting fact is that the bacterium begins to be activated and cause diseases when the person has a stressful situation, for example, change of the place of work, moving to the new city or the country, strong stressful situations.



About 40% of patients of the practicing doctor in addition to physical illnesses suffer as well from mental disorders. Drug treatment helps only a half of this group. Worse the situation when diseases of a body are caused by mental disorders (psychosomatics). You can consult our experts of Mexican pharmacy what drugs are available. Medicines must be prescribed by your physician.

What advice is given by experts to cope with a stress

Reflexively, in stressful situations, the person applies the life experience which was accumulated since childhood.

Options can be two:

1. At sufficient life experience, the person changes the reaction to a stressful situation.

2. At insufficient life experience, the person suppresses their requirements. It leads to tension exceeding physical forces.

Modern business coaches train people correctly to react to stressful situations, businessmen especially are subject to them. It is also possible to gain independently these skills, for example having read business literature. For example, well writes about the reaction to external factors of Stephen Richards Cove in the book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People". You won't find this book in our online Mexican pharmacy, but we have a good choice of drugs that will restore deep sleep and nervous system.



4 skills of a mentally healthy person

1. The person accepts the negative sides and draws positive conclusions

2. The person keeps and maintains the long relations with other people, and solves the arising problems in the relationship in a peaceful, balanced way.

3. The person is independent in the lifestyle, itself defines how to him to live, commensurate the opportunities and their limits, sets the vital purposes which can be implemented in whole or in part.

4. The person feels joy and happiness daily, even then, when the day is full of bad circumstances or isn't remarkable.

Communication with "organic chemistry" of the human

Now let's give a medical explanation of the connection between mental and physical health. The autonomic nervous system and stress hormones are involved in the chemical processes of stress. The autonomic nervous system is beyond the control of the will and affects all organs and systems of the body.
The autonomic system consists of two components:

- The sympathetic system;

- The parasympathetic system.

The sympathetic system is responsible for the release of adrenal hormones during stress: adrenaline, noradrenaline, cortisone. As a consequence, a person experiences dry mouth, rapid heartbeat. Blood pressure and blood sugar levels rise.
The parasympathetic system is responsible for the gastrointestinal and urinary tract reactions. This is why a person may experience diarrhea or imperative urge to urinate during stress. The immune system also reacts to stress.

Symptoms of mental overloads

Mental overload may be indicated by the following symptoms:

- Depressive state;

- Decreased concentration;

- Insomnia;

- Pain of unclear etiology, which occurs in different parts of the body;

- Muscle tension;

- Decreased ability to work.
In some cases, basic rest for a few days helps. If you have trouble falling asleep, you can look in the Sleeping Disorders section of our Certified Mexican pharmacy and choose a medication according to your doctor's recommendations.

What is the functional disturbance? Symptoms.

If a patient complains of no apparent cause of organ disease, the doctor may diagnose this as a functional or psycho-vegetative disorder. Why a functional disorder? Because the symptoms are caused by organ dysfunction, but not by organ disease itself.

Symptoms of functional impairment are:

- palpitations, rapid pulse;

- exhaustion, decreased capacity for work;

- decreased libido;

- suffocation, difficulty in breathing;

- itching, burning, warm and cold sensations on the skin for no reason;

- "lump in the throat," difficulty swallowing;

- severe anxiety for no apparent reason;

- insomnia;

- a depressed state.

In our next article, we will look at 8 methods of self-help for functional impairment. We will also tell you what therapies your doctor may use.

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