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Pirfenidone Kitoscell LP 600 mg 90 Tabs

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Generics are medicines that have the same active ingredients as brand medications. The difference lies in the different packaging and name. The price of generics is much lower than that of registered reference drugs. Kitoscell is one of these effective drugs. You can also buy Kitoscell gel for removing scars, stretch marks after pregnancy, etc.

Pirfenidone in the composition of Kitoscell medicament is a medicinal substance used to treat pulmonary idiopathic fibrosis. It inhibits the growth of procollagen I and II and reduces nephrosis.

Usage Area

This medicine is recommended for people with liver or lung fibrosis when it is necessary to reduce, reverse, or prevent fibrotic lesions of these organs. Also, Kitoscell is prescribed for patients with chronic fibrosis to suppress the affected cells. There is a Mexican version that is much cheaper but also effective - KITOSCELL LP.

Kitoscell Dosage

For adults, the recommended dosage is from 1200 to 2400 mg per day (divided every 12 hours). 
Children could take Kitoscell only from 12 years old; it is allowed to take 600-1200 mg per day (also every 12 hours) 
If you need to take a certain portion, then the tablets can be fractional. 
Adults may take two pills of 600 mg every 12 hours, children - 1 tablet.

Special Instructions

If the patient has a strong hepatic impairment, the doctor will adjust the portion. If the health consumer's aminotransferases level is reduced or increased by 5 times and hyperbilirubinemia or strong symptoms of advanced liver failure are observed, then treatment with Kitoscell should be finished.

Kitoscell LP Contraindications

This generic is prohibited for patients with allergies to certain elements that are in the pill’s formula. Do not take Kitoscell with fluvoxamine and other components that may inhibit CYP1A2 or other CYP isoenzymes. If renal failure has passed into a stage requiring dialysis, then the use of this medicine is also prohibited.

Interaction with Other Healthcare Products

During treatment with Kitoscell, patients need to stop smoking because nicotine reduces the concentration of the active substance pirfenidone in the blood plasma. The same effect on hemolymph is given by the combination of Kitoscell with omeprazole.

Side Effects

Kitoscell LP can cause certain side effects, but they are temporary. Many reactions resolve several weeks after the drug is discontinued. Most often, the use of KITOSCELL can give the following bad body reactions: 

  • nausea, gastritis, vomiting, or dyspepsia;
  • dry skin, rash, itching;
  • hepatic disorder;
  • increased skin response to UV rays;
  • weight loss and more. 

Kitoscell Overdose

If the patient takes a large dose of Kitoscell, then this can lead to unwanted reactions that correspond to the symptoms of side effects. Studies have shown that at a maximum dose (4800 mg), the patient received a minor reaction with a temporary effect.

Make sure you get the quality Kitoscell LP recommended by your doctor. Undergo a medical examination to find out the compatibility of your body with the active ingredients that are present in the formula of this generic.

ReviewsPirfenidone Kitoscell LP 600 mg 90 Tabs
el costo es de 1650.00 pesos mexicanos o dolares. aparte de este precio tiene costo de envió hasta campeche. en total cuanto seria, gracias.

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