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Let's find out how dirty your lymph is. 8 ways to clear lymph in your home

The lymphatic system is part of the cardiovascular system. It consists of lymphatic vessels, nodes and nodules. Lymphatic vessels are designed to remove tissue fluid from organs. This process is called drainage. Knots and nodules protect the body from the action of foreign substances that have entered the tissue fluid.

In the process of vital activity, all cells of the body form metabolic products. They enter the intercellular space filled with tissue fluid. The latter enters the lymphatic system. There it is “cleared” by immune cells, then enters the bloodstream and is excreted from the body. Thus, the lymphatic system detoxifies the body and neutralizes foreign molecules.

The first signs of dysfunction of the lymphatic system

The first signs of lymph pollution and poor drainage are frequent:

 • swollen lymph nodes or tonsils

 • lethargy, tiredness, drowsiness

 • headaches

 • runny nose in the morning

 • crackling and ringing in the ears

 • the appearance of a runny nose after consuming dairy products

 • recurring sore throat

 • itchy skin, acne, dryness

 • numbness of hands during sleep

 • impaired bowel function

 • increased sweating

 • stiffness and soreness in the morning

 • frequent colds and flu

 • slow weight loss, inability to lose weight

In addition, lymph cleansing is indicated for people who want to correct their figure, improve skin condition and get rid of edema.

Ways to cleanse lymph

1. Lymphatic drainage massage improves the outflow of intercellular fluid. Studies have shown that this massage promotes the elimination of metabolic products in the urine, increasing the stamina and performance of the body. It was originally used by athletes for faster recovery from exercise.

In recent years, lymphatic drainage massage has become a favorite of the beauty industry - it is used as an aid to weight loss and cellulite removal. The massage can be done with a dry natural bristle brush or a natural stone gua sha scraper.

2. A contrast shower increases muscle tone, cardiovascular and immune systems. Due to the change in water temperature, the walls of blood vessels and muscles contract and relax, which sets the lymph in motion. Thus, its cleaning is accelerated, drainage improves, excess fluid is removed from the body, and swelling decreases. Contraindications to this method are high blood pressure, pregnancy, heart disease.

3. Any physical activity increases the intensity of lymph flow due to the contraction and relaxation of skeletal muscles. The lymphatic vessels, which are located between the muscles, act as pressure pumps during physical activity. The vessels are equipped with valves that prevent the lymph from flowing back and facilitate its movement.

4. Normal water intake (we emphasize normal) will help prevent lymph accumulation and speed up the elimination of toxins. You should not use water forcibly if you do not want to drink - it will harm the body.

5. Jumping. During normal jumping or jumping on a trampoline, you create a gravitational attraction to which the lymphatic system responds. As a result, lymphatic stasis decreases, lymph flow is stimulated, every cell of the body is charged.

6. Walking at a fast pace. Walking briskly for 25-35 minutes daily is one of the best ways to activate your lymphatic system.

7. Drinking herbal teas enhances the lymphatic effect. Plants that will help activate the work of drugs:

 • black currant leaves

 • birch leaves             

 • dandelion roots (also have a choleretic effect)

 • milk thistle extract

 • burdock roots

 • rosehip fruit extract

 • badan leaf extract

People with high blood pressure and pregnant or lactating women should consult their nutritionist before drinking herbal teas.

8. Deep breathing is one of the most important factors in the active work of the lymphatic system. How to breathe deeply. Inhale slowly for a count of 10 through your nose, making sure to move your belly. Also, for the count of 10, breathe out through your mouth. Breathing exercises can be done for 10 minutes a day. This practice will help revitalize the lymphatic system.

Contraindications to lymph cleansing

There are contraindications for lymph cleansing for each individual method. General contraindications for all of the above methods are pregnancy and lactation.

Lymphatic drainage massage is contraindicated in people with the following conditions:

 • heart failure

 • infectious diseases in the acute stage

 • thrombophlebitis

 • oncological diseases

 • diabetes

 • heart failure

 • arterial hypertension

 • skin diseases

 • hardening and physical activity are shown only during the period of full health.

These simple tips can be followed by absolutely everything, for this you do not need to buy expensive drugs or visit a specialist. Maintain a high level of mental and physical health to experience all the joys in life. Your PharmaMex pharmacy.