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Kriadex Clonazepam 2 mg 30 tabs

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Kriadex is an antiepileptic drug that affects the nervous system. The drug is prescribed for the treatment of epileptic seizures. It cures seizures and crises, reduces muscle tone. When taken, the excitability in the limbic complex, the chill, the bulge of the optic nerve is reduced. In addition to epilepsy, the drug is prescribed for the treatment of anxiety, panic, muscle disorders.

Pharmacological properties

The active substance is Clonazepam with a dose of 2 mg. It affects the hypothalamus and limbic system; inhibits GABA receptors and neurons in the cerebral cortex, GEMK receptors. It has a sedative and anticonvulsant effect. Relieves symptoms of anxiety. Increases the seizure threshold. Relaxes muscle fibers. Kriadex also acts as a sleeping pill.

The active ingredient is completely absorbed from the digestive tract. The maximum dose of the substance in the blood is observed 1-4 hours after ingestion. Semi elimination occurs after 20-40 hours. It is almost completely eliminated in the urine. 2% of the drug is excreted unchanged. It passes through the placental barrier and is excreted with the mother's milk.

How to use and dosages

Kriadex is taken orally or intravenously. The dose is prescribed individually by the doctor, taking into account the condition of the patient. It is recommended to start treatment with a minimum amount of 1 mg. Therapy of elderly patients begins with a dose of 0.5 mg per day.

The drug is taken at night.

If the initial dose is well tolerated, within 2-4 weeks it’s increased to a maintenance dose. The amount is determined individually in the range of 2-6 mg per day. It should be taken 3 times a day. A dose of not more than 20 mg is allowed.

Treatment of children from 30 kg and elderly patients with liver and kidney dysfunction, starts with the minimum dose. To treat panic disorder, a dose of 1 mg per day is prescribed. To relieve epileptic status, 0.5 mg is administered intravenously to children, and 1 mg to adults. The permissible daily rate for intravenous administration is 13 mg.

The risk of epileptic seizures increases at the beginning of therapy and when therapy is stopped abruptly. When taking high doses, treatment of patients with drug and alcohol dependence may lead to addiction. Withdrawal syndrome may occur with abrupt withdrawal.

Adverse reactions, contraindications, interaction with drugs

Side effects include:
- drowsiness;
- poor coordination;
- agitation.

When taking Kriadex for a long time, tolerance to the drug may develop. Sedation and motor disturbances are the most common. Less common reactions include irritability, aggression, agitation, decreased motivation, decreased libido, impaired motor, and cognitive functions.

Contraindications include alcohol abuse, drug abuse, respiratory depression. The drug should not be used if you are sensitive to the main components of the drug.  It is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.

Overdose leads to nausea, impaired motor function, reflexes, coordination of movements. In the worst case, respiratory depression, low blood pressure, and coma are observed.

When taking Kriadex in combination with anesthetics, analgesics, antidepressants, psychotropics, antihistamines increases their effects. Increased toxicity is observed when concomitantly taken with amiodarone. Prolongs the effect of drugs affecting the skeletal musculature. In combination with anticonvulsants, inhibition of central nervous system function is observed. It is recommended to keep the drug in a place away from children.

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