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Farmapram 0.25 MG 30 Tabs

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Farmapram is a tranquilizer, a benzodiazepine derivative. It has a central, myorelaxant, and antioxidant effect.

Who is it indicated for

Farmapram Alprazolam is indicated for use in:

  • Panic disorders (may or may not be combined with phobic signs);
  • Neurotic depressions;
  • Anxiety neuroses;
  • Neurotic reactive-depressive states (somatic disorders are present, appetite decreases, insomnia develops, mood deteriorates. The person strongly worries and loses interest in everything happening);
  • Mixed anxious-depressive states.


The drug is contraindicated in people under 18 years of age, and those with a history of allergies. You should not take the drug in the case of:

  • severe depression;
  • severe COPD;
  • acute intoxication with alcohol-containing products;
  • acute poisoning (psychoactive, hypnotics, and narcotic painkillers).

During pregnancy, the drug is prescribed only in extreme cases: regular use of the drug may contribute to the development of withdrawal syndrome in the infant. It is forbidden to take the drug in the last trimester because it contributes to the depression of the central nervous system in the newborn.

The drug components penetrate into breast milk. To prevent the risk of sedation in the baby, you should not take the drug while breastfeeding.

How to take it

Recommendations for use of Farmapram Alprazolam 2mg:

  1. For depressive anxiety (in complex treatment), the initial dosage is 250-500 mcg. The remedy is taken 3 times/24 hours. If necessary, the dosage may be increased to 4 mg/24 hours. The initial dose for elderly and debilitated patients is 250 mcg, up to 3 times/24 hours.
  2. For panic states. The initial dosage is 500 mcg. The drug should be taken up to 3 times/24 h. If necessary, the dosage is increased to 10 mg/24 h.
  3. For anxiety states (the drug is used to reduce the intensity of symptoms) the initial dosage varies from 250 (for weakened and elderly patients) to 500 mcg. The medication can be taken up to 3 times/24 h.

The tablet should be placed on the tongue: it dissolves with saliva. It is not necessary to wash down the medicine with water.

Side effects

The most common side effects are of the central nervous system. At the beginning of therapy in older patients, drowsiness may be observed. The concentration of attention is reduced, a person complains of headache or dizziness.

The gait becomes unstable, motor and mental reactions slow down. Memory declines, coordination of movements is impaired. In some cases, paradoxical reactions are observed. For example, outbursts of aggression may be combined with confusion and intense fear with psychomotor agitation. In rare cases, hallucinations appear against the background of taking the drug.


Signs of overdose:

  • severe weakness;
  • difficulty breathing;
  • confused speech;
  • slowed heart rate;
  • convulsive muscle contraction.

The person may constantly want to sleep. Consciousness becomes confused; reflexes are reduced.

Special Directions

Depending on the condition of the person, the drug should be taken from a few days to 90 days. With a longer intake, there is a risk of developing drug dependence.

Tablets from the bottle should be removed only with dry hands. The unused part of the tablet should be disposed of because it is unstable when stored.

It must be ensured that no moisture has penetrated into the vial, because otherwise, the tablets may dissolve.

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