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Colchicine Generic 1 mg 30 Tabs

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Colchicine Generic

The medication is prescribed to patients with gout attacks. This disorder is also called flares. The Colchicine generic blocks joint inflammation and reduces painful sensations in the area of gout-affected big toes, ankles, and knees. 

When uric acid levels in the blood increase, the patient feels inconvenience while moving. The acid-driven crystals are formed in the human joints. Colchicine decreases swelling and treats flares.

Colchicine Generic Pharmaceutical Form

The generic is available in the form of oral tablets. One blister contains 30 pills that are required for the first stage of the anti-gout treatment. Buy Colchicine to reduce the production of amyloid A. This protein affects the joints and speeds up the development of flares.

It is possible to purchase the generic without the doctor’s prescription. Use the medication according to the instructions and medication guide available together with the tablets in the pack. 

This way you can opt for buying Colchicine over the counter. But use the medication responsibly - all the side effects and dangerous symptoms take place if the patient does not follow the recommended schedule.

Colchicine Dosage

If you have sudden gout attacks, it is better to start with 1 mg of Colchicine a day. One tablet contains the required daily dosage of active agents to do away with the first symptoms of flares. If painful sensations continue to disturb the patient, it is recommended to take ½ of the pill in an hour. Do not take more than 1.8 mg of Colchicine at once.

It is better to have 1 and 2-hour intervals between tablet intakes. This way you will prevent overdosing and side effects. While using this generic, take into consideration the following general recommendations:

  • For better absorption, use Colchicine on an empty stomach. If you have just had some meals, wait for 1-1,5 hours and then take the tablet.

  • Do not overdose on the medication to avoid addiction and reduced efficiency of the drug. Follow the recommended dosage plan to do away with the gout attacks.

  • The dosage schedule for the treatment of Mediterranean fever can differ from the anti-flares medication course. The maximum daily dose of Colchicine generic is 2.5 mg.

Visit your doctor if you are not satisfied with the effect of the generic. The healthcare specialist can change the dosage plan and provide other medical directions for your treatment progress. Additionally, be ready to decrease physical loads during the course against gout and gouty arthritis. This way your joints will be reconditioned faster.

Colchicine Overdose

If you take increased doses of Colchicine generic, you can face side effects. Among the most dangerous symptoms is trouble breathing. Contact your doctor as soon as possible if you have any kind of respiratory stress. Note that using Colchicine can cause the following side effects (usually, at the very beginning of the course):

  • Diarrhea;

  • Cramping;

  • Abdominal pain;

  • Vomiting, etc.

First several days of Colchicine intake can be notable for muscle weakness and tingling in the fingers as well.

Price of Colchicine

The average Colchicine cost is about $7-$10. You can keep track of discounts on the pharmaceutical websites to purchase this generic at the most affordable price. If Colchicine for sale is available in the online pharma store, it is possible to purchase one blister with 30 pills at $5-$6. This medication is quite affordable for the treatment of gout attacks in comparison with other drugs on the present-day market.

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