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Cardizem Diltiazem hydrochloride Generic 30 mg 30 tabs

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Cardizem Diltiazem

This is the generic for high blood pressure treatment. Diltiazem is also used to control angina. The drug reduces chest pain as well in case of any serious respiratory disorder. The pharmaceutical form of the generic is tablets. The medication is prescribed for oral intake. Diltiazem is an affordable alternative to other drugs that treat high blood pressure.

Diltiazem Medical Indications & Drug Action

This generic is considered one of the high-quality calcium-channel blockers. While neutralizing Ca, Diltiazem acts as the relaxer of the blood vessels. This way the heart can pump blood easier, and the patient feels better. The main medical indication to use the drug is to decrease the blood pressure rates and provide a faster oxygen supply to the heart.

It is worth noting that high blood pressure is a dangerous issue for human health. It has a negative impact on the internal organs including the heart, liver, kidney. The patient can face loss of vision and heart disorders (like a stroke, attack, or failure) if the blood pressure is high. Diltiazem does away with this problem and improves blood circulation in the body from the first days of treatment.

Diltiazem Dosage

The drug should be taken gradually. First, the patient starts with 1-2 extended-release tablets a day. While using Diltiazem 30 mg, it is recommended to begin with the daily dosage in 1-3 pills with the 5 or 6-hour interval.

It is worth noting that no immediate effect is achieved. The medication simplified oxygen supply in the organism, but chest pain and heart issues can disturb the patient. The doctor should monitor the results of treatment. The first visible positive changes are expected in 7-14 days of regular Diltiazem use.

Do not crush and chew the pill. Diltiazem tablets should be swallowed. This way the active agent is absorbed faster, and the calcium-blocking effect takes place more rapidly as well. 

Other Recommendations to Take into Account

Follow the recommendations of healthcare specialists to stay pleased with the results of the course:

  • If you have missed the tablet, do not take a doubled dose next time.

  • Visit your doctor every week to monitor your blood pressure rates.

  • Avoid using alcohol and smoking not to provoke high blood pressure rates.

  • Check your blood pressure in the morning and in the evening. Show your diary to your healthcare specialist.

Additionally, note that your doctor can ask you to keep a healthy diet and take more water to maintain sufficient hydration levels. This way the patient can feel better even in 4-5 days after the Diltiazem treatment course.

Diltiazem Side Effects

Most side effects take place in case of overdosing. Nevertheless, patients with intolerance to the Diltiazem components can face these symptoms as well. Among the most common side effects are:

  • Headaches;

  • Vomiting;

  • Diarrhea;

  • Flushing and weakness;

  • Allergic reactions, etc.

There are more severe symptoms that require you to contact your healthcare specialist as soon as possible. Among these Diltiazem side effects are extreme tiredness, difficulty breathing, tongue, and throat swelling.

Diltiazem Cost

In comparison with other medications that treat high blood pressure, the Diltiazem cost is quite affordable. One tablet blister (30 tabs) is about $5. It will be enough for the first stage of the treatment course. The pills will be taken gradually, so the dosage will be increased day by day.

Attention! Inform your doctor about herbal supplements and other drugs you use. Do not use Diltiazem without medical indications if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or a patient with myocardial infarction.

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