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Anti Convulsants


Anti Convulsants


Anticonvulsants are used in medicine to relieve convulsive syndrome, restoring normal muscle function. Convulsions are considered spasmodic paroxysmal contractions of the muscles of the body. Such symptoms are characteristic of diseases such as epilepsy, meningitis, encephalitis, and are also observed with cranial injuries and brain edema. Seizures can cause severe poisoning, a deficiency of vitamin B6, diseases of the nervous system, a lack of calcium in the patient's body. Symptoms may also be of professional origin and may be associated with regular overwork of muscles (athletes, musicians, working professions). Cramps can trigger cold water while swimming (one of the causes of drowning) or during sleep.

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To prevent the occurrence of convulsive syndrome, specific drugs are used that can weaken the processes of excitation of the cerebral cortex, thereby preventing the occurrence of seizures. Anticonvulsants are prescribed for epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, nerve tics, and the effects of a stroke. Anticonvulsants can normalize the increased tone of skeletal muscle. The pharmacological group includes barbiturates and tranquilizers, it is the drugs of this direction that are able to actively resist seizures. Depending on the type of disease and the stage of its course, treatment with anticonvulsants will differ. So with epilepsy, medication is taken to prevent possible attacks. The dose will depend on the stage of the disease and the frequency of recurring epileptic seizures. Parkinson's disease is a chronic and slightly progressive disease with a precisely unknown etiology. One of the parts of the brain is affected, which leads to trembling of the limbs, muscles of the face and trunk. In this case, the treatment will be symptomatic, aimed at reducing convulsive syndrome. The medicines used will not inhibit the activity and stimulation of brain activity, as is the case with the treatment of epilepsy, but rather increase the activity of individual brain structures.

What active substances relieve anticonvulsant syndrome?

In the case of a decrease in the level of dopamine in the brain tissue, the likelihood of seizures increases sharply, so the drugs used are aimed at restoring the high content of this active substance. It is possible to increase the level of dopamine by stimulating the receptors in the central nervous system, which are responsible for its production or by creating conditions that prevent its rapid breakdown. It is not possible to deliver dopamine into the brain tissue naturally, the blood-brain barrier existing in the body does not allow the active substance to penetrate from the blood into the brain tissue. The drug "Levodopa" easily overcomes this barrier and is converted into dopamine in neurons. However, such a drug is used only in exceptional cases, as it has a number of side effects (a sharp drop in blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness). All of these side effects are a consequence of the formation of dopamine in peripheral tissues.

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Exceeding the permissible doses can cause the opposite effect, therefore, all anticonvulsants are taken exclusively as prescribed by the attending physician and in strictly defined dosages. Drugs have a direct effect on the brain activity of a person, so their intake should be monitored by specialists. Treatment is carried out both in a hospital and on an outpatient basis. Almost all drugs with an anticonvulsant effect belong to the prescription group, that is, they are dispensed as prescribed by the doctor. Today, for the treatment of epilepsy alone in Russia, more than 30 types of anticonvulsants are used.