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All about migraines: symptoms, diagnostics, treatment

Migraines are accompanied by severe headaches and usually on one side. You never confuse a migraine with a normal headache. Experts argue that this condition is due to increased excitability in the vegetative and sensory regions of the brain. There is also a spastic reaction of vessels that can shrink or expand in migraines.

Factors that cause migraines

There are so-called migraine triggers, i.e. factors that cause seizures

  1. Violations of day and night rules.

You’ve probably noticed that if you sleep a little longer, that you wake up with a headache. Pain can also occur if you go to bed later or earlier.

  1. Food

Each person’s migraine can be caused by a particular product or drink. To find out which product causes migraines, you have to keep a diary. We’ll talk about that later.

  1. Alcohol
  2. Weather factors
  3. Stress, tension, fatigue. Excessive relaxation can also cause migraines.
  4. Menstruation, hormone rearrangement.

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As manifested

The disease affects the personal and professional sphere of life. Acute pain is accompanied by pulsation in the temples, possibly nausea and vomiting. Bright light, loud sounds and even smells cause increased pain. This condition lasts from 4 hours to 3 days and completely depletes the human being. When you have a migraine attack, you feel a lack of energy, a devastation.

How to know when you get a migraine

Some people say they feel symptoms before having a migraine. It’s called an aura. The most common aura is visual disturbances, such as flashes of light or blurred eyes.

Other symptoms of aura:

  • numbness in arms and legs;
  • dizziness;
  • goosebumps;
  • cases of speech or paralysis in a certain area of the body were recorded.

When to go to a doctor for diagnosis and treatment

In general, migraines do not cause disorders in the body or pose a health hazard. However, a disease can reduce your safety (for example, when you are driving a car or in other situations where a reduction in concentration is unacceptable). Specialists at our Mexican pharmacy also recommend to see a doctor in order not to miss the symptoms of another disease (nerve and brain diseases may be accompanied by similar symptoms).

What questions can your attending physician ask:

  1. How often and how long does it last?
  2. Do you drink alcohol? What kind of alcohol if the answer is yes?
  3. Do you have products like chocolate, nutmeg, cheese in your diet?
  4. Do you take any medication or birth control pills?
  5. Whether your life is stressful, situations that take away your inner psychological resources.

The questions you must ask the doctor are:

  1. «Do I need to told my boss that I have migraine attacks?»
  2. «If I have an hourly job, will the waiting hours be calculated because of a migraine attack?»
  3. «Is a migraine treated?»

What measures a doctor can take and what measures you can take yourself

The first thing the doctor will prescribe is a CT scan. This is done in order to eliminate other possible diseases.

To prevent you from having migraines at first, the doctor will prescribe special drugs. In our certified Mexican pharmacy you can find these drugs in the section Pain Medicine.

In the case of frequent and prolonged migraine attacks (more than 3 per month and lasting more than 2 days), medication may conclude beta receptors, beta blockers or calcium antagonists. Remember that only a doctor prescribes dosage and duration of treatment. Then the appointment should be cancelled. In an online Mexican pharmacy, you can order drugs from home. Your order will be delivered to your address. Just give us a prescription from your attending physician and we’ll collect the necessary medication.

Diagnosis and treatment of migraines

As already mentioned, first of all, the physician will rule out brain diseases by means of a CT scan. It is necessary to undergo tests as well as a neurological examination in order to exclude other organic diseases.

"What can I do to make the therapy more effective?"

For your side, you should keep a diary that contains the following information:

  1. Frequency and duration of attacks (date and time)
  2. What preceded the attack (remember what you ate or did before the migraine attack)
  3. Whether before an aura, what are the symptoms.

Such a detailed diary would significantly reduce or prevent migraine seizures in comprehensive therapy. With the right approach, migraines can disappear for months, even years.

Once the triggers that cause migraines are identified, such situations should be avoided. Observe daytime and night-time security. Sleep must be strong and lasting. Also, once the products that cause the seizures are identified, they should be removed from the diet.

In the case of mild migraine attacks, we can take painkillers, but not more than 10 times a month. The type of medication must also be determined by a doctor. Also, doctor can prescribe anti-nausea drugs, then taking by 10-15 minutes before the analgesics. These drugs stimulate gastrointestinal tract activity, which is disrupted during seizures, and help the painkillers better assimilate. You can take medication if you have an aura.

In drug therapy for children, parents shouldn’t be afraid of medication - migraine pain is really severe.

Some advice that is not relevant to drug treatment

  1. Many patients noted relief after inhaling peppermint oil
  2. Migraine therapy includes physical activity. The activity includes athletics: running, gymnastics, walking. The hard workout can make it worse.
  3. Use stress relaxation techniques. In integrated therapy, it will also help to reduce the frequency of seizures.

If you’ve already been prescribed medication, you can order it from a Mexican pharmacy online. Deliveries are made within 10-30 working days, depending on the service selected.