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Acxion Phentermine C 15 mg 30 caps

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The drug Acxion is used to combat obesity of varying degrees. It belongs to the group of appetite regulators - anorectics. Acxion pills reduced appetite, improves diet. Acts on the nervous system by stimulating the neural bunches of the brain, releasing norepinephrine, dopamine, and adrenaline, blocking signals of hunger.


The active ingredient of the drug Acxion Phentermine is stimulant phentermine. It comes in the form of tablets. The dose of the substance in one tablet is 30 mg.


Acxion pills indicated for the treatment of obesity in the complex therapy: changes in diet, exercise. It is used for patients with a body mass index:
- BMI at least 30 kg/m2 - patients without comorbidities;
- BMI at least 27 kg/m2 - patients at risk.

Dosage and administration

Acxion fentermina should be taken in the morning 20 minutes before breakfast or 1-2 hours after breakfast. The drug may cause insomnia, so do not take in the evening. The dosage is chosen individually. To get the maximum effect with the minimum amount of the drug take Acxion fentermina 30 mg in the morning 1 tablet or 0.5 twice a day.


  • Sensitivity to the main component.
  • Drug addiction in history.
  • Allergic reaction to sympathomimetic amine drugs.
  • Taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors at the same time or two weeks in advance.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Glaucoma - increased eye pressure.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Side effects

The side effects of Acxion diet pills include anxiety, nervousness, feelings of euphoria, dizziness, increased blood pressure. When taken uncontrollably over a long period of time, it is addictive. Less common reactions to Acxion 30 mg include confusion, disturbance of heart rhythm

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