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15+ easy steps to keep all systems and organs healthy and feel good

Complex health problems are often solved in the simplest ways.  We decided to prepare 16 recommendations, following which you can significantly improve your health without spending hundreds of dollars on medicines.

Some of the tips will seem trivial to you, but they really work, you just need to develop the habit of following them.  We have prepared a few tips for each body system.  Ready?  Begin.

For the brain

1. Deep breath and count to 10

If you are angry or nervous, try to calm yourself down by counting to 10 and breathing deeply.  Anger causes headaches, stress on the heart, and raises blood pressure.

2. Limit Netflix Watching

You ask, what else to do in quarantine, but watching TV shows does not activate neural connections.  In general, the brain seems to be constantly "lying on the couch."  Instead of watching TV shows, it is better to read a book, a training article, or solve crosswords.  This will keep your brain in a constant tone.

3. Mono- and polyunsaturated fats

Add foods such as butter, olive oil, fish, and cheese to your diet.  These foods are also good for the brain and are delicious.

For eyes

4. Lutein - a little doctor for your eyes

Include foods that contain lutein in your diet: green leafy vegetables, orange peppers and sweet corn, broccoli, persimmons, dark grapes, avocados, spinach, eggs.  If you are unable to add these foods to your diet, you can take lutein as a dietary supplement.  This substance reduces the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.

For women's health

5. Darkness is a friend of melatonin

To reduce the risk of tumors, the body produces a special hormone called melatonin.  In turn, melatonin is produced when we sleep in complete darkness, so experts recommend completely turning off the lights in the bedroom during sleep.

6. 1-2 hours a day hiking

Hiking for 1 to 2 hours will not only help you improve cardiovascular health, shed excess calories, and clear your thoughts.  But also reduce the risk of breast cancer by 20%.  Track your productivity with trackers.

7. Fruits and vegetables in the diet

Including more fruits and vegetables in your diet can significantly reduce your risk of cancer, including ovarian cancer

For lung health

8. 4-5 apples a week

By eating 4-5 apples a week, you are supplying your body with a powerful antioxidant called quercetin.  This antioxidant protects the lungs from the damaging effects of cigarette smoke and air pollution.  This is especially useful for residents of progressive cities.

For heart health

9. Meditation

Add 15 minutes of meditation to your daily routine.  During meditation, breathing slows down, heart rate returns to normal, and blood pressure drops.  Regular meditation can help reduce blood clots.

10. Include tofu and soybeans in your diet

These two products lower the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, which means they help cleanse the walls of blood vessels and reduce the risk of the formation of so-called "plaques".

11. Drink pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice contains polyphenols and antioxidants that reduce the risk of atherosclerosis.

12. Use the stairs instead of an elevator

Climbing the stairs several times a day will help support your cardiovascular system and expelling excess calories, which will help you keep your weight down.

13. Don't get sick with flu and pneumonia

Easier said than done, but every time you get sick with the flu, you put stress on your blood vessels and heart.  In order not to get sick, strengthen the immune system, do not visit crowded places, maintain a healthy lifestyle.

For the health of the digestive system

14. Get enough vitamin E

Namely, alpha-tocopherol, which reduces the likelihood of developing cancer of the stomach and esophagus.  If you follow a balanced and proper diet, then most likely this substance will be in the body in sufficient quantities.

15. About caffeine

Caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee contains antioxidants that may reduce the risk of colon cancer.  Coffee drinkers are now mentally triumphant.

16. Calcium and Vitamin D

These two substances help to strengthen bone tissue and reduce the risk of colon cancer.

We will continue our article and tell you what needs to be done to strengthen the immune system, maintain the back, muscles, joints, and bones, and skin. Don't miss the next article in December.  If the information was useful, share it with your friends.